Meet Adam!


Meet Adam, a technician who works for internal medicine.

Adam graduated from the University of Dayton with a B.S. degree in Biology in 2003.  While in college he interned at the Cincinnati Zoo and botanical Gardens in the reptile and elephant house.  After college he worked at the Cincinnati Zoo in the ungulate department with rhinos, zebras and other African hoofstock.  In 2004 Adam moved to Charleston to work as a naturalist at the Barrier Island Environmental Education Center on Seabrook Island.  In 2006 he left Charleston to work for the director of the UNCW’s MarineQuest in Wilmington, NC.   MarineQuest is a marine biology based education program that works with grades K-12.  In 2008 he moved back to Charleston to work with Veterinary Specialty Care.

Adam is married to Tabitha who is also a veterinary technician.  He has 2 dogs, Romeo and Louie and a cat named Hamlet.  In his free time Adam plays soccer and runs and enjoys reading in his down time.


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