Our staff truly loves and respects animals of all kinds


We have such an amazing team of people working at Veterinary Specialty Care.  We all got in to this profession because we love animals but it amazes me every day how our staff will stop to help even the smallest creature, who isn’t even someone’s pet. Above, Dr. Kelli Klein holds 2 baby birds that she has just fed as they wait for the rehab specialist to come get them.  Our Hospital Administrator stopped by our North Charleston Emergency facility last Sunday to say hi to the staff and deliver them some ice cream treats and ended up with a treat of her own – 4 kittens only about 2 weeks old.  Donna is now fostering and bottle feeding them until they are ready to find their forever homes. A snake who wanted to spend his day at the golf course ended up in our Mt. Pleasant ER after mistaking a golf ball for some other food choice!  Below one of our North Charleston ER technicians feeds a baby pig and Dr. Mikell Adair, (ER doctor at North Charleston) examines an alligator (bet she didn’t plan on that for the shift)   Penny, an ER technician set up a food drive for the Charleston Animal Society and Pet Helpers.  This type of thing goes on every day here at Veterinary Specialty Care. A true love and respect for animals of all kinds.



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