Case presented by Dr. Peter Brofman, DVM, MS, ACVIM (Veterinary Neurosurgeon)

Pedro’s story


Pedro came in to our clinic with a sudden onset of back pain. He was able to walk but had constant, severe pain that made him cry out any time he tried to move or was picked up. His pain was located in his lower back near his tail. Possible causes included a bulging disk, an infection or inflammation of the spinal cord, or a spinal tumor. Because Pedro was in so much pain, we immediately performed an MRI to try to find out what was responsible for his pain and how we could help him. Within an hour we had an answer, although, it was an unusual finding. There appeared to be an infection of the muscle under the lower back bones (lumbosacral). This is a very rare condition. Images of the MRI are attached in this presentation. Despite antibiotics he seemed to be getting worse, so we performed surgery to take samples of the muscle to see if it was bacterial or if it was cancer. The biopsy confirmed it was a bacterial infection and when placed on the appropriate antibiotics based upon the testing he rapidly improved. Four weeks later Pedro was doing great and was running up and down the lobby of our hospital. He is now at home and back to his old self and soaking up all the love his family has to give him. We were all so excited to see him recover and finally be pain free again! Great fight, Pedro (and family)!



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