Title : Interesting Visitor by: Danielle Cromb ( ER Technician)


Here at Veterinary Specialty Care we have plenty of visitors. Most of them are owners who are coming to see their beloved pet while he/she is  being treated in our hospital. Some visitors, however, aren’t at all what you think!!!!  Meet Maximus, a rainbow parrot who could not be left at home (Myrtle Beach) without his beloved canine housemate Jake the German Shepard. Jake’s dad had to make a special trip back to Myrtle Beach to get Maximus after he found out Jake needed to be hospitalized.
Jake was able to go and spend some time visiting with dad while Maximus proceeded to groom him from head to toe. It was an awesome site to see these two very different species get along so well. It should really serve as a lesson to us humans….can’t we all just get along??



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