Luna’s Story – Dr. Carrie Davis

Dr. Carrie Davis  
Learn a Lesson from Luna’s Misfortune!


Luna came into our ER after a horrible accident.  She was to travel a short distance with the owner in a vehicle.  Her owner thought it would be safest to tie her in the bed of the truck, so she could not jump out and injure herself.  However, she did jump from the moving vehicle.   The leash held her dangling from the truck.  Thus, allowing her toes, feet and butt to be dragged on the fast moving pavement.

Luna was carried in to the ER by her owner.  She was unable to walk due to the pads of her feet literally getting burned off.  Her toe nails were ground down to the bone.  She was in excruciating pain.

After stabilization, over 1 hour of anesthesia and wound care, she was hospitalized in the ICU on aggressive pain control, antibiotics and supportive care.  All 4 of her feet were bandaged, the hind feet most severely damaged.  She required daily sedation and bandage changes to promote healing of new skin and to prevent infection.

After 4 weeks, >$1200 in treatments, bandages, medications and loving care, Miss Luna is still recovering.  Her front feet no longer require bandaging and are to healing well.  Her back feet still require bandage changes every 2-3 days.  One of her hind feet may require a skin graft, due to the severe damage to her weight bearing foot pad.

This was a loving owner who never meant for any harm to come to the beloved pet.  Please let this accident be a lesson to all pet owners!  Let’s prevent another injury of this nature!  Spread the word and be safe!

Luna’s Lesson:

Please transport your pet’s safely inside a vehicle.  They should be secured in a pet safety belt, so that they cannot be tossed about the vehicle.  If they are in a crate, be sure this is securely fastened in the vehicle. 

If they must be in the bed of a truck, be sure there is a secure, attached kennel for their safe travel, with adequate ventilation.

Do not allow your dog to ride freely in the bed of a truck. 

Do not tie your dog to the bed of the truck for travel.

Image  Luna’s feet upon arrival to ER


Image  Luna’s feet now


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