Monthly Archives: March, 2013

Meet our pet of the month

Ashlee was brought to Veterinary Emergency Care of North Charleston one evening, collapsed, unresponsive and having difficulty breathing.  We found she’d been bleeding under her skin and into her bladder and had lost a huge amount of blood.  A blood test revealed she wasn’t able to clot her blood, leading to even more bleeding.  It was then that we suspected that Ashlee had eaten some rat poison a few days earlier.  Ashlee received a blood transfusion to replace what she’d lost and a plasma transfusion to replenish her blood clotting factors.  By the next morning, Ashlee was bouncing around and giving everyone kisses.  What a remarkable turn-around!  Although we miss Ashlee and her loving personality, it was a wonderful moment when we watched her trot out the door with her family.  And two weeks later, they report she’s completely back to her spunky self and doing great.