Toby -Veterinary Specialty Care

Toby presented to our North Charleston Clinic for collapse, severe vomiting and bloody diarrhea, after eating some pork bones. The bone fragments had lodged in a compacted mass in his large intestine and were cutting him internally resulting in a lot of pain and bleeding, as well as a severe bacterial infection. Toby was treated with fluids, enemas, antibiotics, pain medications and drugs to help control his nausea. Progress was slow, and controlling his intestinal bleeding seemed almost impossible for about a week. But then, slowly, Toby started to feel better. He began trotting around when taken outside, which was soon followed by Toby eating on his own. His intestinal bleeding slowly began to resolve. And after a very long 8 days in the clinic, Toby was finally well enough to go home. His family reports he’s been doing great since then and is very happy to be home where he belongs!


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