Doggie Treats!

I received this tidbit from our emergency technician, Tiffany. Thanks for sharing!

I recently visited my parents and was introduced to a dog treat, Merrick
Texas Hold ‘Ems. Silly name, I have no idea what dog food has to do
with poker. Anyway, my parents have 3 spoiled Yorkshire Terriers and
they are pretty picky – they love these treats that a friendly
dog-loving neighbor first gave them. It seems that very few dogs will
turn them down! They are light, airy wafers that break easily into
whatever size you require, and they don’t leave a residue. They only
cons I found are that they do crumble and they are a bit smelly. But
hey, they’re dog treats. Merrick is a trusted brand, the treats are all
natural and high in protein with no artificial colors, flavors or
preservatives. And made in the USA! These are my new go-to snack for all
my canine buddies.



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