What will happen to your pets when you are gone or even here?

I know, not the question  you want to answer….me neither. To tell you the truth I never really thought about it.  I just assumed my children would care for them.  I met some folks on Sunday who run the Kitty Retirement Village and that started me thinking.  There are probably  many animals that end up in shelters or even euthanized due to their owners passing away or no longer being able to care for them. 

We are advocates of preparing for emergency situations.  We have an emergency pre-registration program at Veterinary Specialty Care where you can pre-register your pet so if there is an emergency all your pet’s information is available to our emergency team. This is also handy for pet sitters. I can’t even tell you how many times a stressed out pet sitter shows up with a pet they are caring for and they have NO idea what treatment they should authorized. They often don’t have the financial means to pay for the pet. They usually have no idea of the pet’s medical history and as fate would have it – that is the time nobody can reach the owner!  All these things make an emergency situation even more complicated.  By filling out the pre-registration form for the VECARES program  (http://veterinaryspecialtycare.com/veCares.php) both of our 24 hour emergency facilities will have the pet’s information handy as well as the owner’s wishes. If you own a pet, this is a must!

OK, back to the original question. I met the people who run Kitty Retirement Village in Ladson. They set up a program that guides you in preparing for your pet’s care if something were to happen to you.  They  have set up a kit that will help you organize all the things you need to do to help ensure your pet is cared for if you no longer can.  The kit is $5.00 and that is a donation that is tax deductible.  It has window emergency stickers, emergency contact information, and much more.  If you would like more information please contact them at kittyretirementvillage@yahoo.com

All of these ideas will help ensure your pet’s safety and well being in any situation.



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