Friday’s story


I have a thirteen year old Dachshund named Friday.  Dr. Lori Ludwig saved Friday’s life not once, but twice!  In 2009, my precious Friday had to have back surgery.  I was terrified and afraid I was going to lose my best friend.  Veterinary Specialty Care was amazing!  As I waited in the lobby while his surgery was being performed, the wonderful employees kept me informed and made me feel more comfortable with with procedure.  After the surgery, he started to have a seizure.  Dr. Ludwig gave him a Valium to calm him down.  I was asked to come back to see him to get him to calm down until the medicine kicked in.  It broke my heart to see him on IV’s and all stapled up, but I was in tears of joy that he was going to be alright.  I went back every other hour throughout the night to check on him.  Again, the employees were amazing!!!  The first two weeks back at home were rough, but we did together!
In November 2012, Friday got sick and had a blockage.  I chose Dr. Ludwig to perform the operation on Friday again since she made miracles happen the first time.  Dr. Ludwig removed an eight inch tumor out of his small intestines along with a few bladder stones.  Again, I sat in the lobby waiting during surgery, which I might say felt like a lifetime!  Dr. Ludwig came out after the surgery and updated me thoroughly with everything she did during the exploratory surgery.  Although I wasn’t suppose to see Friday right after surgery, Dr. Ludwig, again, let me go check on him.  Good news is his tumor was not cancer!  The tumor was sent off to the pathology, but we still have no clue what exactly it was.
Friday just celebrated his thirteenth birthday on July 25!  He is slowing down and now has two small masses in his liver.  He is not in pain and thinks he is still Wonder Dog.  It’s all about the quality of life and I am beyond blessed to have him for this long.  I feel like I am already on borrowed time, but we make the best out of it each day that we still have together.  Words cannot explain how grateful I am for Veterinary Specialty Care.
We send Halloween and Christmas cards every year. 




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