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Heisenburg’s Story by Dr. Jeremy Libby

A very concerned pet owner returned home after work to find her beloved female juvenile Green Tree Python, Heisenburg, hopelessly adhered to the very sticky backing of her terrarium’s humidity gauge.  Apparently Heisenburg was a little too active and adventurous during the evening and dislodged the humidity gauge from the glass wall of her enclosure.  After realizing just how stuck and uncomfortable Heisenburg really was she rushed her into the clinic for emergency treatment.
Heisenburg was a bit anxious and perhaps a little embarrassed upon arrival, but was very cooperative for the procedure.  One technician held her gently while another rubbed a mineral oil derivative on her skin with a cotton swab where the gauge was adhered to her skin.  With persistent application and gentle traction the gooey adhesive was removed, the gauge came off, and Heisenburg was free again.  With a little dilute Dawn dishwashing liquid the mineral oil derivative was removed and all was well with Heisenburg and her owner. 
This case brings up a few points about pets and adhesives.  Please do not use mineral spirits or harsh petroleum based paint or adhesive removers.  Some brands of nail polish removers can also be too harsh for use on your pets skin.  Mineral oil or a mineral oil derivative would be the safest choice. 
Never use force to remove any glued object from your pet as this can remove skin; which may lead to a long wound healing scenario. 
Dr. Jeremy Libby