Citadel Mascot; General visits Veterinary Specialty Care – ER in Mt. Pleasant

citadel mascot veterinary emergency care citadel mascot 2 veterinary emergency care

 Meet General – Male Mascot for The Citadel!
General presented to VEC early Thursday morning for acute onset shaking and not acting himself.  He really was not feeling well, therefore Boo (his wife and co-mascot) accompanied him.
He was diagnosed with a yeast infection in both of his ears and a corneal ulcer of his left eye.
Dr. Fetterolf noticed a cloudy appearance to a portion of his cornea upon presentation.  Then she used a special fluorescent stain to confirm the presence of the ulcer or erosion. Normally, water will run smoothly off the surface of the cornea, like rain washing off a windshield. If the cornea is damaged, the stain will stick to the damaged area and show bright green.
General was treated to a thorough cleansing of his ears while here. And he was send home with oral pain medication, antibiotic eye drops, and anti-yeast ear drops.
We hope he is feeling better very soon!  It was a please to work with such a celebrity!

Common causes of corneal erosions include:
•       Rough contact with plants, thorns, or bushes
•       Scratches from another animal (note: the cat scratch wound can be especially serious as the wound quickly heals over, sealing infection within the eye.)
•       Self trauma (rubbing or scratching at a painful ear or even at the eye due to some other eye problem can lead to an inadvertent scratch to the eye.)
•       Chemical irritation (such as getting shampoo in the eye during a bath.)
•       Foreign body injury (plant material can get stuck under an eyelid and can scrape the cornea.)

Some interesting information about General and Boo:


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